“In developing the Edita Group, we are focusing on the main growth areas of the communications business with the most promising future prospects. From our customers’ point of view, Klikki’s competences provide an excellent and complementary edge to the Group’s service offering. Online communications is one of the fastest growing areas in the communications industry, and Klikki is one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the Nordic region”, says Timo Lepistö, CEO of Edita Plc.

”We are very excited about continuing Klikki’s development as part of Edita, the leading Nordic communications group. As an Edita Group company we are able to broaden our offering to our customers and ensure the continuation of their success in a complex digital marketing environment”, says Mattias Falkendal, co-founder and CEO of Klikkicom Oy.

Edita is the leading communications group in the Nordic region. It is made up of the parent company Edita Plc as well as its Finnish and Swedish subsidiaries operating in different communication sectors. Edita’s aim is to help its customers communicate better – more effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. The Group employs about 800 communications experts in Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, and India.

Klikki operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The company employs over 60 experts and has a turnover of 20 million euro. Klikki provides services in four main areas: Klikki Search – paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) services, Klikki Display – advanced display solutions, Klikki Social – brand and sales promotion services utilizing social media, and Klikki Analytics – website analysis, conversion optimization and integrated reporting services.

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