“Alma Media develops its offering according to the strategy into new digital products and services that complement customers’ needs and cover the entire value chain, from sales systems to transactions. Netwheels complements Alma Media’s car and transport services for corporate customers superbly,” says Kai Telanne, CEO of Alma Media.

“The digitalisation of the car business requires the interoperability of data flows and systems. The acquisition will contribute to the development of our marketplace and system business by streamlining the purchase and sales processes of vehicles and by offering versatile digital solutions to car retailers, importers, financing companies, application developers, and other operators in the automotive sector,” says Santtu Elsinen, Senior Vice President, Alma Consumer.

Alma Media has signed an agreement with the owners of the automotive industry software company Netwheels Oy to purchase the company’s share capital to strengthen its car and transport services offering to corporate customers. Established in 2000, the business operations of Netwheels include software and information technology services related to vehicle retail, pricing, and imports. The company’s services enable car retailers to digitalise their trade-in cars exchange, making distribution to sales channels easier and inventory management more efficient. Netwheels also produces the Autohuuto.fi service for B2B vehicle auctions, price list services for new cars, and the Mittaristo service for car market data.  In 2023, the revenue of Netwheels Oy was about MEUR 8, and the company employs 29 people.

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