“We are absolutely thrilled to have Wunderkraut Sweden to join Digitalist Group. Our companies share a very similar mindset and vision about the future, and we have been very impressed with the way they operate as a one team and exceed their clients’ expectations continuously. Web and digital development is moving into the new era and Wunderkraut Sweden is a recognized pioneer of modern web services using open source solutions. We are now better prepared than ever to serve and co-create end-to-end solutions not only with new clients in the region but also with our existing Scandinavian clients such as Spotify, Viking Line, Nordea, Telia and Color Line”, states Sami Paihonen, CEO at Digitalist Group.

“We are happy to share a long-term confidence and dedication in a strong digitalization offering with the Digitalist Network. Wunderkraut Sweden has a long history of working together with international partners and clients and we look forward to being part of Digitalist’s impressive global outlook”, states Magnus Leijonborg, CEO at Wunderkraut Sweden.

Digitalist Group is a creative technology company. It seeks, plans, designs and implements functional user experience and durable software solutions which are based on Internet, cloud or mobile technologies. Our customers include leading companies from all over the world. We design comprehensive digital solutions for our customers which increase their competitiveness and productivity and bring them added value and customer loyalty. We are researchers, designers, engineers and strategists from Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and the United States.

Wunderkraut Sweden is a Swedish digital and web development company with a pioneering track record in helping brands adopting new web technologies without compromising the user experience and easy-to-use services. Wunderkraut Sweden has a solid client base, strong references and serves a great variety of clients across industries in Sweden.

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