“I think this merger is the turning point that leads to a stronger economic and strategic development. The merger significantly improves Satama’s profit-earning capacity, cash flow, and earnings per share. I am convinced that the transaction will create a strong platform for growth both domestically and internationally”, commented Aarne Aktan, Chairman of the Board of Satama.

“Our customers throughout the 21st century have demanded growth management systems. Combining coaching with the effects of marketing and management systems results in a new level of performance compared to standalone actions. The sales and marketing management system BLARP (Business Live Action Role-Play) developed together with Satama has already received an enthusiastic reception from our customers. The new company will become an international company that provides continuous growth management services”, says Jari Sarasvuo, Chairman of the Board of Trainers’ House.

Satama is a marketing technology service company. Satama’s strength lies in combining marketing and knowledge skills with technology. The services provided by Satama are divided into three strongly supportive areas: Marketing, Productivity and Mobility. Net sales in 2006 amounted to approximately EUR 34.5 million and operating profit to EUR 0.2 million. On 30 June 2007, the Group had 379 employees.

Trainers’ House is Finland’s leading marketing and coaching company. The Trainers’ House Group includes the parent company and Ignis Oy. Trainers’ House has grown strongly in recent years. The company has been consistently very profitable. In 2006, net sales under IFRS amounted to approximately EUR 15.1 million and operating profit was approximately EUR 5.4 million. On June 30, 2007, the Group employed 96 people. Trainers’ House is owned by Jari Sarasvuo (76%) and 36 other key personnel (24%).

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