With the acquisition of Verdugt, Kemira’s sales of organic acids and derivatives will increase by threefold compared with previous levels to over EUR 170 million. The acquisition of Verdugt is in line with Kemira’s strategy of advancing increasingly towards products with added value. Through this deal Kemira will achieve the position of global leadership in the production and marketing of organic acid derivatives. Kemira currently holds the position of the second biggest producer of formic acid and its derivatives world-wide.

Verdugt produces derivatives of formic, propionic, acetic and lactic acids. Owing to their anti-microbial properties these products are mainly used in the food and animal feed industries. Furthermore, the products have various specialty applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The net sales of Verdugt in 2004 was over EUR 120 million. The company’s main production plants are located in Tiel, the Netherlands with a smaller unit in Barcelona, Spain. The company employs approximately 130 persons.

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