“We are very pleased that we have found a way to be more closely involved in the future development of Nebula. Our three-year joint history has already strengthened our understanding of Nebula as a unique company that has been able to grow strongly and profitably even in difficult times. Now, together with the entrepreneurs, we want to take Nebula into the next phase and make a stock exchange listing within two years”, says Christoffer Häggblom, CEO of Rite, about Nebula’s future plans.

“Nebula’s business has grown strongly over the past decade and we have successfully expanded our operations to new business areas. In the coming years, we will continue to seek growth, but we will also develop the company for listing”, says Nebula CEO Ville Skogberg.

Rite Internet Ventures is a Swedish private equity firm based in Stockholm. The company invests primarily in Nordic Internet companies in their initial and expansion phases. Rite defines itself as an active investor who supports business owners in their work. All of Rite’s shareholders have an entrepreneurial background as well as a long experience of a variety of Internet-related businesses and operations in listed companies. Shareholders include founders of the internet game company Unibet. Among other investments in Finland are: Verkkokauppa.com, Eirikuva, Muxlim and Click.

Established in 1997, Nebula is a trusted service provider that has grown rapidly to become one of the largest in Finland – nowadays Nebula provides Internet services to over 12,000 corporate customers. Nebula specializes in various SaaS, hosting and contact services. The staff consists of 76 IT professionals with years of experience in maintaining Internet systems and developing services. In 2009, Nebula’s net sales increased by over 20% to EUR 15.2 million.

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