“Increasing cooperation with Realia Group serves the customers of both Nordea and Realia Group. Our goal is to develop new services to meet customer needs. A good example of this development is Nordea’s and Realia’s recent joint Huom! service concept”, says Pekka Nuuttila, Executive Vice President, Nordea.

“The expansion of the ownership base is a natural continuation of the merger of Huoneistokeskus Oy and SKV Oy, implemented last autumn. It created a framework for a new, broader and more individualized service entity group. The current expansion of the ownership base is a significant step in the pursuit of the company’s listing. The new ownership structure also provides a better basis for the Group’s geographical expansion in the Baltic Sea”, says Matti Suutarinen, CEO of Sponsor Capital and Chairman of Realia Group.

“As the merger implemented last autumn has already shown, there is a strong order in the customer base for a comprehensive and individual property service provider. In addition, further consolidation of cooperation with Nordea, the leading banking group, creates an excellent framework for improving and increasing the service offering to Realia Group customers, whether they are individuals, institutional customers or housing companies. I also believe that the increased ownership of the Group and thus the deeper commitment to its development will be reflected in the Group’s ability to serve its customers more and more”, says Risto Kyhälä, President and CEO of Realia Group.

Nordea is the leading financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic region. Nordea offers its customers a wide range of banking, asset management and insurance services. Nordea has nearly 10 million customers and over 1,100 branches. The Group is a leading provider of Internet banking services and has 4.6 million online banking customers. Nordea is listed on the Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm stock exchanges.

Realia Group’s net sales in 2006 amounted to approximately EUR 117 million and the Group has approximately 1,400 employees. Realia Group is the market leader in both home and property management in Finland and one of the leading providers of real estate services to institutions.

Sponsor Capital was founded in 1997 and is a Finnish private equity firm. The company primarily makes majority investments in domestic, medium-sized companies with committed, qualified management, established market position and predictable cash flow. Sponsor Capital operates responsibly and in a long-term manner with strong results and believes in the entrepreneurial attitude of management. Through Sponsor, the Finnish institutions such as Varma, Ilmarinen, Etera, Finland, Sampo, Pohjola, the Municipal Pension Insurance, Finnish Industry Investment and the Nordea Group invest their money.

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