Lahti Precision Ltd. is a Finnish weighing technology company with over a hundred years of expertise, specializing in the development of industrial competitiveness. Its head office is in Lahti. The products and services of Lahti Precision cover industrial weighing solutions (e.g. truck scales, big bag stations, conveyor belt scales, dispensing systems, life cycle services and calibrations) and mScales, a SaaS-based material flow management system.

During 2022, the company’s turnover reached EUR 17 million and EBITDA EUR 1.8 million. The company employs 94 experts. The customer base consists of leading industrial, recycling, mining and logistics companies, including manufacturers of battery materials used in electric vehicles.

Lahti Precision together with Tamtron will create a strong actor on the European market for weighing technology. A comprehensive portfolio of weighing systems, a wide sales network and after-sales service network and the combination of two most innovative SaaS-based material flow management systems will provide significant benefits to customers now and going forward. In addition, Tamtron’s current subsidiaries in European countries can act as a distribution channel for Lahti Precision’s offering adding opportunities for scaling up business.

HLP acted as a financial advisor to the owners HPP Bulk Technologies Oy (Lahti Precision) in the transaction.

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